Technology collaboration includes streamlining workflows and digitalise real estate transactions with smart documents. expands digital signing capabilities with Singpass Sign for secure digital execution of documents and contracts in Singapore.
Kemmy Tan, CEO of M+S, has joined the advisory board of Real Estate Doc, lending her decades of real estate experience to the team.
Real Estate Doc’s space and inventory management software will operate across Aspire JSC’s lifestyle serviced apartments brand, Belong.
Yes, acceloration. That is not a typo. Read on, I’ll explain what it means and why.
Reimagining The Home-Office
#spaceandlease #retail #commercial The devastating impact of the COVID19 global pandemic has tested the limits of major companies’ BCP plans and their…
As the global economy grapples to accommodate the pandemic-imposed measures of safe-distancing, work-from-home (WFH) arrangements and…
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